khushboo sahijwani

khushboo sahijwani
8 Years Experience

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Khushboo Sahijwani is a Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management. A graduate from the SVT College of SNDT Women’s University and a Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor. She believes in a holistic approach to health & wellness.
In her 8 successful years she has worked as a Nutritionist with reputed gyms & well-renowned people from the fitness profession. She is also a part of the medical care team with leading surgeons (Bariatric, Cosmetologists etc) & Doctors.
She deals with fitness enthusiasts, teenage, adults & elderly as well as individuals who are prone to lifestyle disorders like Obesity/Hypertension/Diabetes/CVD/Thyroid etc to name a few.
Khushboo has also written articles for leading magazines & newspapers like Health & Nutrition, Mid-day, Mumbai Mirror, Afternoon etc. She conducts talks & seminar to educate both the classes & masses to tackle their health issues and occupational hazard, if any, and how best to work around them and to plan their meals and exercise based on it.

Being a Masters in Dietetics & Food Service Management and having a rich experience of 8 years in varied arenas like gyms, fitness centers, hospitals and clinics, I offer services/plan diet and consultation relevant to all clinical cases such as Diabetes, Heart Diseases, PCOD etc to name a few as well as Nutrition for Gym lovers and Children.

I take a detailed diet & life style recall as well as do a complete body composition analysis that covers your body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat, BMI, BMR etc and then provide a detailed consultation on analyzing these aspects and customizing a diet for the same.

Qualification: Msc.Dietetics and Food Service Management

School/College/University: IGNOU

Year: 2008

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