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Is It Possible To Apply For Undergrad Colleges in US After 3 Years Gap

Is It Possible To Apply For Undergrad Colleges in US After 3 Years Gap


  1890      30/07/2015

Question –            

Hi! I finished school in 2013 and this year I gave my second attempt in AIPMT. If I don't get into a good medical college in India, is it possible for me to apply to the US for undergraduate education with 3 gap years? Thanks
- Chandni

Expert Advice –

Dear Chandni,

Most colleges in the US require a 12 years of formal education and the acceptable degrees include: Indian School Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate, Higher School Certificate or the All India senior School certificate.

The three most important criteria they consider for admission are: Consistently good academic record, Financial Support and Proficiency in English Language.

The other attributes considered are: extracurricular achievements, demonstrated leadership and community contribution, personal essays, and letters of recommendation.

However when it comes to admissions, each American University has its own academic requirements and policies for admission. Some have strict criteria for admittance while on the other hand some require basic academic qualifications. Therefore, check with the international admissions office of your university and get clear about what the US University requires of you when applying. 

You also have the option to check the University’s admissions page to make sure whether your application would be considered or not.


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