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In an On & Off Relationship With My Long Distance Boyfriend, Unable To Get Over Him

In an On & Off Relationship With My Long Distance Boyfriend, Unable To Get Over Him


  1935      30/12/2015

Question –

Hello! I really want your help! I am not able to concentrate on my studies. I really love this guy Yudhveer, studying in Purdue university, USA. I am in love with this guy since I was 12. For 6 years, we enjoyed being good friends. Then we went into relationship a year back.  We really loved each other.

Then one day he broke up! After one month, He came back to me and said that he really missed me and want to patch up! And since then things were going well between us. He went to USA for further studies. And then one day, he said he likes someone else and we again broke up! And now he emotionally ruined me!

I just can't get over him!  I want him back! I really love him but he just doesn’t care what I feel! For him, his ego comes first! He called me one day, he was totally drunk and said he loves me but from next day he started behaving the same way a stranger does!  He just doesn’t love me anymore. Or may be does! It’s just his ego what’s stopping him! What should I do? Please advice me! I really want your help! I have no one to share my feelings with! I just want him till my exams get over!

Thank you for bearing me. :)


Expert Advice –


It seems that you don't want to accept the facts even though you know them very well. This will lead to serious complications and major heart break in the long run. These frequent breakups & patch ups from your friend’s side only point to the fact that he is not serious about this relationship. Any relationship works on mutual trust, respect and efforts, more so when it is long distance relationship as in your case.

What I gather from your query, your friend wants to run this relationship as per his convenience, moods and hangovers. He is playing with your emotions and using you like a puppet. There is no guarantee that even if he agrees to this relationship today, he won't deny it tomorrow.

Give yourself time and think calmly that a relationship cannot be one sided and honestly answer whether both of you are putting same efforts to make this relationship work. Use this time to groom your career and future so that you are an independent, confident career oriented woman, that is more important for you at this stage in your life. A good career and balanced personality will serve you better at all stages in your life, so concentrate on your studies right now.

Take your family in to confidence or someone who can be your confidant, discuss your problem with them, you will feel better and stronger mentally and psychologically. Right step at the right time will yield the right results. Concentrate on your studies, start meditation, indulge in a hobby, this will help you find peace and enhance your willpower.

Take Care & all the best
- Pratibha Singh




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