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If I Workout In The Evening, Will It Lead To Weight Gain?

If I Workout In The Evening, Will It Lead To Weight Gain?


  2347      23/01/2015

Question –

Dear sir/madam, I would like to know that if I workout in the evening, will it lead to weight gain? Because I heard it from one of my friends. Please clarify
- Vijay Kumar

Expert Advice –

Hi Vijay!

This is one of the biggest myths ever. Workout time doesn't affect your weight at all, but diet plays a very important and most effective role in weight gain or weight loss.

By evening or morning workout, one meant to say that workout after having food may let one gain weight as compared to morning (empty stomach) workouts.
So, I will answer accordingly for this query.

Working out in the morning with empty stomach may let you lose weight due to the reason that your body has already lost glycogen and glucose at night while you were sleeping. And to be able to produce energy during workout it will try to utilize stored fat and muscle.

But on the contrary if you workout in the evening after having food in lunch or evening snack you may lose or gain weight or stay the same depending on how much calorie you are taking per day according to the workout. Though this is not the full answer of the query. I can write a book on this, but I have tried to clarify the query and doubt for you in short. If you have any more confusion, give me detailed information about your vitals like height, weight, age, gender etc.

Note from the expert: It is better to ask an expert like AdviceAdda, rather than asking your known or unknown friends.

All the Best!
-Welstar Peter



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