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I've Lost My Appetite, Feel Sad, Sleepy & Tired All The Times, Is This Depression?

I've Lost My Appetite, Feel Sad, Sleepy & Tired All The Times, Is This Depression?


  2281      16/10/2015

Question - 

Hi, I have been suffering from chronic Migraine since long and have been taking treatment for the same. Ever since I started with the treatment, my headache has reduced to a great extent, However, since the last one month, I have been experiencing a lot of mood swings, unexplained crying and sadness. I don't feel like talking to people and wish to be left alone.

I have also lost my appetite and don't feel like eating anything, even the eatables that I once loved to have. I feel sleepy the entire day (I don't know if it is due to the tablets that I take for headache currently). Every morning after getting up, I don't feel like I am fresh and wish to sleep again. I have also been getting tired a lot, experience body pain and look dull. Even my friends and colleagues at office have observed my behavior and asked me if there is anything wrong.

But I don't feel like sharing anything with anyone and try to keep the conversation as short as possible. Another thing that has been bothering me is the frequent changes in my weight. Last month, I gained about three kilograms of weight and have lost two kgs recently. I don't understand what is wrong with me but it seems nothing makes me happy anymore. Am I depressed? I need your advice.


Expert Advice - 

Dear Pxxxx,

Thank you for this enquiry. The symptoms are typical of major depression. However, I would suggest that you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible and undergo a detailed psychiatric assessment. I am particularly interested in few things:

1) The name of the migraine medication

2) Have you ever had similar episodes in the past

3) Is there anyone in your family who has been diagnosed or treated for depression

4) Have you got any other medical conditions other than migraine

5) Have been having any major life events recently prior to the onset of this depression?


After the assessment, I would recommend the following tests:

a) CT Brain or MRI brain

b) Complete blood examination (CBE) including thyroid functions.


After the assessment and investigations, if all pointing to a clear-cut diagnosis of major depression - you would require treatment with an antidepressant medication for at least 6 months. This should be under the supervision of your family doctor or psychologist. Additionally, if you have any life stressors, you might need to see a psychologist who can provide you cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Lastly, don't be afraid to seek help. Depression can be eminently treated. You just speak to your family or close friends and ask them to support you.

- Rajeev Kumar


Pxxxx's Follow Up Question -

Thank you sir for your quick response. You had put up a few questions in your answer which I would like to answer.

1. The medicines have been changing every month. The doctor has told me to have the tablet Voveran D in case I feel I am giong to get a migraine attack, Apart from that, I am currently having Cartiactiv R tablet since I don't feel hungry and Zayata tablet for stress management.

2. I have had headache since years but I have never been sad and depressed like this before.

3. No one in my family has ever been diagnosed with or treated for depression.

4. I have no other medical condition other than migraine.

5. I haven't gone through any major event as such before the onset of depression.

Based on this information, what should I do next?



Rajeev Kumar's Advice -

There is much more clarity now with more information. The drug Zayata is a natural extract of some herbs and I have limited experience with this as we do not prescribe this extract due to lack of evidence on its efficacy. There is an association between chronic migraine and depression.

In my view, as you been suffering depression longer and it is severe, you must seek the help of a psychiatrist. You should also get a CT or MRI of your brain due to chronic headache and depression along with the blood tests. I strongly recommend an urgent psychiatric consult and consider taking an antidepressant medication - there are effective medications with very few side effects.

Take Care.
- Rajeev Kumar



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