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I'm A Hairy Girl, How To Remove Hair Easily & Without Pain?

I'm A Hairy Girl, How To Remove Hair Easily & Without Pain?


  2197      16/04/2015

Question –

Hi, I am a little bit hairy person. So I want to know how I can remove hair from legs and hands easily without any pain. Also is hair epilator is good option for it? Or is there any permanent solution for it?

- Riya



Expert Advice –

Dear Riya,

There are many methods for temporary hair reduction. All of them like waxing, epilator or use of depilatory creams are quite safe. If you are using a cream, then make sure you do a small test patch behind the ears to make sure that you are not allergic.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, then you will need to get a laser hair reduction. The number of sessions depends upon your skin type and the coarsity of the hair. If you have a fair skin tone and the hair is dark and thick, 6 sessions for the legs and 6-8 sessions for the arms give you a very good response and you can expect a long term hair reduction of up to 90%.

With regards to the pain which seems a big issue for you, most people are very comfortable while getting the treatments done. There is some discomfort but not too much pain. 


Take care
- Dr Sirisha Singh



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