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I'm A 23 Year Old Chubby Girl, Want To Correct Posture & Lose Weight

I'm A 23 Year Old Chubby Girl, Want To Correct Posture & Lose Weight



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Question –

I’m a 23 year old girl. My height is 5"2. Since childhood I’m quite healthy with a small face. It never used to look bad, not even now. But now I feel that I should lose some weight. I have baby fat and very unclear posture. My belly is also protruded out. Please suggest me what to do.
- Bhawna


Expert Advice –

Dear Bhawna,

Thank you for your query. Good posture is very important as it not only helps us in being confident and also helps us in avoiding many diseases that can be caused as a result of bad posture. For the correct posture you need to practice standing and sitting in the right posture. Given below are a few steps:

1) Head erect with your chin parallel to the floor

2) Shoulders rolled back and relaxed

3) Back should be straight.


Regarding your stomach, that could be because of our sedentary lifestyle. Avoid working and sitting for long hours in one place after eating food. And taking nutritious diet also helps. A dietician can help you with a balance diet and the right exercise regime. 

Take care.
- Nancy Katyal



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