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I'm 19 & Afraid To Visit a Gynecologist After Consuming Too Many iPills in a Month, Help!

I'm 19 & Afraid To Visit a Gynecologist After Consuming Too Many iPills in a Month, Help!


  78228      04/01/2016

Question –

Hi! I have been taking iPill regularly, twice or more than twice a month. I wanted to ask if this can cause delay of periods for more than a month? I have had withdrawal bleeding but no periods for past 1 month and I haven't stopped using iPill. Please let me know what is wrong, I don't understand I took I pill on 24th December also. And also on 18th December,15th December and also before that, from the past few months.


Expert Advice –


You mean to say you have been taking I-pill so many times without consulting a doctor? This is very irresponsible and absolutely wrong thing to do on your part. Please consult a gynecologist at the earliest for full evaluation. iPill is not to be consumed repeatedly and what you are having is hormonal imbalance as a result of iPill abuse. You need immediate gynecological evaluation.


Follow Up Question –

Hi Doctor, I want to visit a gynecologist but I am scared as I don’t want my parents to know that I am sexually active. This is the reason am hesitating to visit a doctor. I am just 19 and my boyfriend is totally supportive of visiting a doctor but we are scared that our parents will get to know about it. I would like visit to visit a doctor but I am afraid that whether is it gonna be confidential or not? Confidentiality is really important factor for me.  Please help me. Am I pregnant or is it just hormonal imbalance because of consuming too much iPill?


Follow Up Advice –


I don't want to sound philosophical or judgmental, but if you have taken a decision to have a relationship at this age, you should be courageous enough to visit a Gynecologist as well. 

Also, it's a matter of your health and you should not take your health and body lightly for what you are having can have long term consequences. Further, legally you are over 18 and free to make your personal decisions. And any good Gynec will keep the case confidential as all clinical cases we see as doctors are kept strictly confidential. So, you should worry more for your health and body and less for the confidentiality.

I am sorry I can't extend any more support to you online, you must see a gynaecologist in person if you want further evaluation and advice, and this is something I will strongly recommend.

Good luck. Stay safe!

- Dr Parul Katiyar




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