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I'm 15, Which Shampoo Or Oil Should I Use To Reduce My Hair fall?

I'm 15, Which Shampoo Or Oil Should I Use To Reduce My Hair fall?


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Hello. I am a 15 years old. Since last few months I am having the problem of hair fall. It’s getting too much now. I am not able to understand what to do.

My hair are losing their shine and becoming thin day by day. I use clinic plus shampoo. My hair are dry in texture. I usually have lot of stress due to family problems. Help me regain my lost hair and tell me how to control hair fall. Also advice me which shampoo to use and oil to massage my hair.


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Thanks for the query. 

It is normal to lose upto 100 hairs a day. Some people lose more hair during the monsoons. 

If your scalp is looking thinned out and the hair texture is not very good, you need to pay attention to your diet. The hair on the scalp is a direct reflection of your nutritional state. Eta a diet rich in iron like meat, spinach, apple, fatty acids like fish, biotin like egg whites and lots of dairy, fruits and vegetables. 

Stress also ruins your life, figure a way of dealing with it.

In terms of shampoos and hair oils, hair oils containing bhringraj are known to be helpful. See your dermatologist who will recommend some medications and shampoos for your specific hair type.


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