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I'm 14 and My Height Is just 4.9. What Can I Do To Become Taller?

I'm 14 and My  Height Is just 4.9. What Can I Do To Become Taller?


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Question –

I'm 14 and my  height is just 4.9. What can I do to become taller? Can you suggest me a diet and exercise plan which can help?


Expert Advice –

Hi Yashika!

It’s a very common and popular question, but you have asked it at a perfect time. Otherwise most of the people ask after they have crossed the age. The maximum age for the growth of height is 18 years. In rare cases it can differ. Height is directly linked to our genetics and hormones. We cannot do much to increase our bone length, but at your age, we can surely do something which may prevent it from growing.


1. Walk and sit straight, rather than bent.

2. Do lower back and neck exercises twice a week.

3. Have a balanced diet, at least 5 meals a day, which must include adequate protein and calcium.

4. Take sunlight. The most effective time is before 1pm.

5. Engage in some out door sport like basketball, foot ball etc.

6. Don’t run away from fats, rather choose healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, seeds etc.

7. Do stretching exercise 3 days a week.

All the above practises will make sure that you do not stop your height growth by your mistakes, rather create an environment to help your body work on it.

-Welstar Peter



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