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I Was A Bright Student But Constantly Failed in CA-IPCC, Helpless Now!

I Was A Bright Student But Constantly Failed in CA-IPCC, Helpless Now!


  21866      24/06/2015

Question –

I m 23, commerce graduate from DU, PGDAV College. I started my graduation in 2010.  But this three year course of B Com pass only completed in 4 years in 2014. Due to 1 essential repeat in one subject and I got the chance to reappear in that subject after 1 year in 2014. Later I cleared the exam. My academic year was 2010 to 2013. Till 2013 I cleared CA-CPT and I attempted CA-IPCC attempt in November 2013. 

Till now I have attempted 4 attempts of CA-IPCC. But I didn't clear my previous three attempts and waiting for the
result of 4th attempt. I have good interest in taxation, laws, due to my preparation of CA-IPCC. Unless I didn't get clear due to lacking in 50percent aggregate. Now I feel lost. I didn't achieve anything from the last 2 years. What should I do with my life? All my friends got settled. I m standing nowhere. I m 23 already. I need to do something for my family. My parents, my elder siblings and my friends & relatives taunt me most of the time.

I had scored more than 80 percent in 12th standard. And now after 5 years I m nothing. Sometime I think I should go for a private job. Sometime I think I should go for government exams and prepare for it. I m stuck. My brain is rusting now. Topper of good time is hopeless now. Neither do I have a girlfriend, nor any friends to communicate anything with. Sitting at home all time wasting my time, I feel irritated all time. Please help. Please advice something. What should I do? I m sitting at home from last 2 years. Please help
- Axxxxx


Expert advice –

Dear Axxxxx


Everyone has faced some failures sometime in life. 

You too have, nothing new. 

Good to see that you are very upset about the same. It shows you are very serious. Many do not even worry about their failures. There is one more very good thing in you. Most of us blame something else for their failures and find an excuse. You did not. I see you as a person who will do well. A very bright future is ahead of you.

But, you need to think little different. Winners learn from their failures. There cannot be a better mentor than your
failures.  Ask a few questions to yourself and try to get the answer.

- Is this a failure at all?

- Is CA the right career for you?

(Best suited people for this career have lots of patience and ability to bear with the complexity of data)

- Did you plan and execute your prep in right way?

- Do you know the nature of exam correctly?

- Do you know your weakness and strength with respect of the same?

- Is you desire to become a successful CA very high?


Try to get the answers. Solution may come at once. 


If not then I will like to advise these:

1. You might not have done a proper research before deciding a right career. Get a career counseling done.

2. MBA may be a good career which provides much diversified career options of all different tastes.

3. While preparing for MBA you can also get prepared for many government exams like Bank exams, LIC, GIC etc. This will make you feel safer and confident.  

4. Try also to be with such people who have a positive set of mind. 

5. The "taunts" are many times a big motivating factor for achieving something big. 


Wish you Good Luck!!
- Rajneesh Singh



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