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I Want To Know Everything About Laser Hair Reduction, Is It Safe?

I Want To Know Everything About Laser Hair Reduction, Is It Safe?


  1905      23/07/2015

Question –


Hi, I am 22 year old working girl. I want to know everything about laser hair reduction. I want to ask- how it is done? What is the procedure? Will it hurt? How many sessions will be there? Also how much time it will take and how much it will cost me if I want to get treated for unwanted facial hair (upper lips and eye brows) and underarms.


Do I have to take special care of my skin after the procedure? Apart from that, I have mixed skin, not too oily or dry. I hardly use any cosmetics, so I don't think there will be any complications. Please suggest.

– Nitasha


Expert Advice –


Dear Nitasha,

The effectiveness of LASER Hair reduction depends upon the equipment, the area being treated, the skin type and the hair type of the person being treated. It is almost always very effective in the underarms and you can achieve 90% reduction in 6 sessions. In the upper lips, it takes longer but a minimum of 6 sessions will be required.


Most doctors do not do eyebrows due to safety issues for the eyes. It is a safe procedure with good equipment and in good hands. There are no permanent side effects although there may be temporary redness or swelling or discomfort.


The cost depends upon the quality of equipment being used and the person performing the LASER. The cost is very variable and I cannot really discuss that without examining you.


Take Care
- Dr Sirisha Singh



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