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I Want To Know Everything About Aeronautical Engineering, Is It Good?

I Want To Know Everything About Aeronautical Engineering, Is It Good?


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Question –


Hi I wanted to ask which among these a better career option - Aeronautical Engineering good is or Civil Engineering or Computer Science, Can you suggest me one among these options? Which branch is good, I want more information about Aeronautical engineering.
- Sameena



Expert Advice –


Dear Sameena

There are lots parameters on which deciding a career depends. The interest and your likeliness towards a career should be the most important parameter.   Today all three specializations can provide a good career for you. Computer engineering is the most jobs providing one among these three.  


Aeronautical Engineering in India:

Engineers who specialize in the functioning, designing and development of Aerial Vehicles are listed as Aeronautical Engineers. This specialization has engineers have specialized knowledge on the functioning of aeronautical instruments, aeronautical navigation and efficient performance of Aeronautical Vehicles.


For studying Aeronautical Engineering, one need go for a four year Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Some of the best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India are as follows:

- Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Kolkata

- Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

- IIT, Chennai

- IIT, Kanpur

- IIT, Mumbai

- IIT, Kharagpur

- Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Thiruvananthpuram

- International Institute for Aerospace Engineering & Management, Bengaluru

- Naval College of Engineering, Pune

- Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun

- National Institiute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun

- Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Jamshedpur & Bhopal

- Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi

- Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai

- Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

One of the major employers of Aeronautical Engineering is Air India, which is a government service. Other than that, all major private companies having airline services in India provide employment opportunities for aeronautical Engineers. Jobs are also available in the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy, where Fighter Plane maintenance is required. All these jobs are very high paying and have a very high satisfaction level if one has a love for airplanes.

Good Luck!
- Rajneesh Singh



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