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I Want to Get a Government Job But I am Unable to Concentrate, How To Prepare for Exams?

I Want to Get a Government Job But I am Unable to Concentrate, How To Prepare for Exams?


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Question - 

Sir, I am a student from Kanpur, just completed my engineering. I want a job in a government sector in a non technical feild. I want to be established I the government sector but I am not working hard. I have to make time table to study but I am not able to follow the schedule. So please give me some suggestion that how can I overcome my problem as I am from engineering field  & my academics was not good.
- Gurvindar


Expert Advice:

Dear Gurvindar,

It is good that now you have the desire to build up a good career. But it seems it is not a "Deep Desire". The desire has to be strong enough to push you into the hard work required. There is also a possibility that you are not very cofident about your succees. Sometimes that also becomes a deterrent in moving ahead with the goal.

I am sure once these two things are clearly there you will take the second step towards a very bright future. You must understand that you are about to graduate / a graduate now and your age is already over 20. People will now ask "Kya kar rahe ho?" and not "Kya padh rahe ho?". So get started immedietely. Government jobs (Manily bank) are coming up in huge numbers today. This is a blessing for you. This might start slowing down after an year or two.

Therefore, bank on this great opportunity. Goverment jobs includes Bank, LIC, GIC, RRB. RBI, SSC, PSU Management trainees etc. And all these require almost the same type of entrance tests to clear. Kanpur has good coaching classes. Being an engineer you are likley to have a good aptitude. Let me know if you have any query related to Gov Exams Perp). I am sure with your hard work and intelligence you will be able to get a good one. Wishing you good luck.

- Rajneesh Singh



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