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I Want To Buy a New PS3. Can You Suggest Me One?

I Want To Buy a New PS3. Can You Suggest Me One?


  1926      20/02/2015

Question –

I want to buy a new PS3. Can you suggest me one?
-Sai Krishna



Expert Advice –

Models of PS3 are not decided on their performance, it entirely depends on its storage. You can decide the storage depending on your needs. But if you can extend your budget for PS4, then PS4 is a much better option these days because the new titles of many latest games will be exclusive for PS4 only.

If you still want to go for PS3, then 500 GB model is good. It’s priced around 21500/- online. 12 GB is also available but 12 GB memory is too low.

-Abhishek Telang



Abhishek Telang
Gadget Expert

Tanmay Patange
Gadget Expert


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