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I Smoke 5-8 Cigarettes Daily Can I Become a Body Builder?

I Smoke 5-8 Cigarettes Daily Can I Become a Body Builder?


  3680      26/11/2014

Question -

I smoke 5-8 cigarettes daily can I become a body builder?

- Robin

Expert Advice

Hi Robin!

You have asked me a very tricky question. But I will try to sort out your problem through some points. First of all you have to isolate your goal, because a bodybuilder can be meant that you want to exercise and diet to look like a bodybuilder but you don't compete and you have other things to do in life like studies, job, business etc.

Secondly if bodybuilding is your profession then there is no place for regular smoking, sometimes doesn't hinder your goal. Smoking will ruin your exercise routine by reducing your stamina to workout. And you will have difficulty burning fat and stay lean because you will not be able to do much cardiovascular exercises, as well as due to intake of other gases instead of oxygen, your body will not get enough oxygen to be able to burn more calories.

And if bodybuilding is your life style, then you can still maintain a good physique and grow muscles while regular smoking, because resistance training is an anaerobic exercise, you need ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate) to  be able to perform rather than oxygen directly. But it will be a gradual and very limited progress for sure due to the reason that you will not be able to give 100% intensity to your exercise and as muscle building need continuous tension, and sometimes very less to no rest in between sets, you will not be able to perform those kinds of exercise routines.

Exercising like a pro while smoking or drinking alcohol is more dangerous because you need recovery after a strenuous exercise.
Hope I could solve much of your query and if not, you can always ask on I will be there helping you. Thanks!

- Welstar Peter



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