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I Really Want To Quit Smoking, But The Habit Is Increasing Everyday

I Really Want To Quit Smoking, But The Habit Is Increasing Everyday


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Question –

I am 23 & a software engineer. I started smoking last year in July. Now it's increasing day by day. I really want to quit smoking but I couldn't. Please help me how to do it.
- Abhijit 


Expert Advice –

Dear Abhijit,

Smoking and other forms of addiction often stem from certain deep-seated emotional disturbances in our personality. A majority of smokers are unaware of these factors and this is why their attempts to quit smoking are rarely successful. In order to leave smoking these factors need to be brought to the awareness and dealt with effectively. Many people smoke not because they enjoy it but because it helps them to forget their pain and frustration. In order to quit smoking, one needs to acknowledge these negative feelings and develop alternative ways of coping. Discussing your negative feelings and traumatic experiences with someone whom you trust is a very effective way of healing.

Once a person starts smoking on a continuous basis, their body gets dependent on a certain dosage and tends to experience physical withdrawal symptoms if the dosage is not given. Therefore, when one is trying to quit smoking it is helpful to set weekly goals and gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes every week. This way the body gets a chance to adapt well to the change and is not shocked by the sudden withdrawal.


- Dr Pulkit Sharma



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