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I Masturbate Only 3-4 Times A Month, I Feel Faint Pain In My Testicles

I Masturbate Only 3-4 Times A Month, I Feel Faint Pain In My Testicles


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Question - 

Hi I am a teenage boy of 17 years. I masturbate but only 3-4 times in a month but from past 20 days I get a pain in my testicles during erection. Although the pain is very faint but still it worries me. I also feel the pain during the days when I drink less water. Please tell me the possible reason for this faint pain. What are the natural remedies for it?
- Kexxxx


Expert Advice -

Dear Kexxxx ,

Don’t worry about masturbation. It is the guilt associated with masturbation that is problematic, rather than masturbation itself. Further you are referring about two different pains [If I had understood correctly] :

1. Faint pain in testicles during erection

2. Pain during day time [in testicles] when you drink less water.  

Regarding pain  in testicles during erection, avoid wearing tight jeans or pants. Coming to the pain during day time when you drink less water, start increasing your fluid intake, water, tender coconut etc. But after all these things if the pain still persists you can visit a surgeon to examine your scrotum to r/o hydrocele.

Take care.
- Dr ASJ Arul



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