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I Love A Muslim Guy But My Family Will Never Accept Him, What To Do?

I Love A Muslim Guy But My Family Will Never Accept Him, What To Do?


  2757      10/07/2015

Question –


Hi, I love one Muslim guy from 5 years we want marry with each other but my parents will never agree with this relationship. Because of these things we are unable to move in our life. If I will tell my parents then they will arrange my marriage with some other guy and I know they will never agree for our marriage in future. So what should we do?
- Prxxxx



Expert Advice –


Dear Prxxxx,

The fact of the matter is when you marry a person you marry their family. This is especially true in a country like India. It is important to tell your parents and see if you can make them understand. Maybe request them to meet the boy before making any judgements. Also try and understand why they are hesitant. Is it the boy? Or is it just the religious background? In my opinion it's important for the family to accept the guy. If you know that they will never agree, what are your options?


The way I see it first and foremost you need to speak to your families about it. Then based on that you should figure out what needs to be done. So perhaps speak to your family and write back telling me what they said and then I can help you figure what would be the best course of action.


Good luck.
- Meghna Prabhu



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