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I Have Very Irregular And Painful Periods, Help!

I Have Very Irregular And Painful Periods, Help!


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Question –

I am Nisha, 26, unmarried.  I have very painful periods, since I have started menstruating.. An even medicine like Meftal doesn’t reduce the pain. I have highly irregular periods and most of the times it is delayed. This month I am already 17 days late. Recently I had problems while urinating as well, I consulted a doctor too who did a blood and urine test, after taking medicines the pain was gone and the reports came out normal. I am confused what is causing this delay and problem while urinating. Are there any home remedies to make my periods regular because I don’t want to take medicines anymore. 
Also will I be able to conceive normally in future or will I face problems?


Expert Advice –

Your problem of pain during urination was most likely due to an urinary tract infection, which subsided after treatment. It’s better for you to consult a gynecologist and take an ultrasound of pelvis to look for PCOS or any ovarian cyst, which may be causing period irregularities. The reason for pain during cycles may also get verified through USG Test (Urine specific gravity) and thorough checkup. Here are some useful links for you if you are going through irregular periods and UTI. These are home remedies which might be of a great help for you.

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Take Care
-Dr. Rakhi Gupta



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