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I Have Stage Fear Since 8th Standard, How Can I Overcome My Stage Fear?

I Have Stage Fear Since 8th Standard, How Can I Overcome My Stage Fear?


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Hi, I have a stage fear since 8th standard but before that I was not afraid of going on stage. I didn't know how it all changed. One major incident that happened with me at that time was the demise of my grandfather with whom I lived, as at that point of time my parents were away. So I was with my grandfather since I was 3 years old. Please help me with this.



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Hey Dear,

First of all stop telling to yourself, that you have stage fear, primarily because; what you keep telling to yourself, you ought to become that. Consciously accept that you got to work on yourself to overcome the fear. Offer yourself with plenty of opportunities to face your fear head on. Do not miss any opportunity to get on the stage. Let go of the fear of being judged and practice mindfulness. Gather the courage to look at the audience and please do remember that public memory is very poor.

Even if you feel, you were damn funny on the stage, people have more significant things to remember over you. So, the next time, before you get on to a stage, take a few deep breaths, have an erect posture, keep your chin up and just rock it. Slowly and steadily, you will get there.

Regarding your grandfather, keep this in mind, that he is watching on you. He wants you to just get ahead and beat the hell out of that fear. Never miss out on a single opportunity to socialize. Get good amount of physical activity, eat and sleep well and meditate regularly. Take care and may you rock the stage.


- Divya M.



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