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I Have A Hairy Chin Due To Which I Feel Underconfident & Shy, Help!

I Have A Hairy Chin Due To Which I Feel Underconfident & Shy, Help!


  2046      15/04/2015

Question –

Hi, I am a 31 year old woman. My problem is that I have a hairy chin due to which I feel under confident and shy. Please tell me a solution for this.- Ruchi



Expert Advice –

Dear Ruchi,

I do not have your medical history. The hair on the chin can be familial if your mother also has excessive hair on the chin. However, we do see many girls and women with hair on their chin. This is commonly due to a hormonal imbalance called PCOD. At this age, the hormonal imbalance is very common and if you haven’t been tested then you should be evaluated. You will most likely need the full battery of blood tests and also an ultrasound. 


Laser Hair reduction in the chin in women with hormonal imbalance is very tricky. You will need to see a dermatologist who will go through a detailed history and may also request some blood tests or ultrasound to rule out this hormonal imbalance before embarking on the treatment. 


For temporary improvement and to get your confidence back, you can get waxing, threading or bleaching done. This will help you to carry on with life. The only long term solution is LASER hair reduction. 


Take care
- Dr Sirisha Singh



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