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I Have A Dark Skin Tone, What Type & Color of Clothes Would Suit Me?

I Have A Dark Skin Tone, What Type & Color of Clothes Would Suit Me?


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Question –

Hi, I am 20 year old, dark complexioned college going girl. I wanted to ask about some beauty tips that I can try while going to college. Also, I have quiet lean and bony kind of structure, so what type and colour of clothes would suit me. I have no fashion sense but I really like dressing classy yet chic. Any suggestions?
– Anuva


Expert Advice –

Hi Anuva

College is the time when we discover so much about ourselves in terms of beauty, personality, clothes , etc. Take good care of your skin and hair in all weather conditions. Stay away from treatments, instead do your hair and skin care at home. At your age, mild cleansing at home and using good skin care products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing; and good shampoo and conditioner depending on your skin and hair type is important.


When going to college, experiment with coloured eye liners like teal green, electric blue, dark blue, bronze etc with what you're wearing. In clothing, since you have a lean body structure you can wear almost anything; just avoid something very loose fitted on your body. Deep color tones of red, maroon, magenta, olive, white, dark blue, etc will look amazing against your warm skin tone. For hairstyling, experiment with braids, twisties with curls, straight hair, side ponytail, high ponytail, top knots etc. 


Best Regards!
- Aakriti Kochar



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