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I Hacked Her Facebook, Now She Has Complained in Cyber Cell What To Do

I Hacked Her Facebook, Now She Has Complained in Cyber Cell What To Do


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Question –

Few years ago, I had an affair with a girl, but she broke up with me after some time. I stayed in depression for some time and very bad thoughts would come to my mind sometimes. I used to feel revengeful for what she did to me. Now it has been two years and now I am completely focusing on my career. When we had this affair, I made her Facebook ID, I had given her all the details (mail id, password) but sometimes I used to access her Facebook profile. A few days ago, I posted some of her photos on that ID.

Last week she messaged me and said somebody has hacked her Facebook profile and now he is posting objectionable photos on her profile, whereas, I have not done anything like that. I just posted on or two pictures of hers. Now she has filed a report in the cyber crime unit. I don’t understand suddenly what has happened with her. I am too afraid; please tell me what the people from Cyber crime department are going to do with me. Please guide me as I am very tensed.

- Raj


Expert Advice –

Dear Raj,

See if you are checking someone else’s identity without his/her consent then it becomes a crime of hacking and you can be booked under section 66 C of IT act. This can result in a case and punishment of 3 years. The best way to rescue from this situation is to write a mail to that person (in your case the girl) apologizing to her that you accessed her Facebook ID and ask her to change her password and then promise her that you will never access it again.

Same can also be done with a message on phone because cyber crime will easily track down who has opened the ID and if a case is booked, then it will be a problem for you.


Take Care
- Rakshit Tandon



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