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I Am Losing My Weight Continuously, Want To Gain Some Weight, Help!

I Am Losing My Weight Continuously, Want To Gain Some Weight, Help!


  2164      06/02/2015

Question –

I am a 21 year old male. I am losing my weight again and again. I want to stop it and start increasing my weight. What can I do?
- Nitin


Expert Advice –

Hi Nitin,

I need to know your health status first and how much weight you have lost and in how much time. It can be due to a thyroid malfunction. But I can give you some tips on how to gain weight :

1. You should do weight training 3 times a week on alternate days. Do all compound movements like bench press, squats, dead lifts etc.

2. Start you meal with high glycemic foods like banana, potato etc.

3. Eat 35 calories per kg in which 50-55% should be carbohydrates, 20-25% protein and 15-20 % fat.

4. Carbohydrates should be 60% low glycemic carbs and 40% high glycemic carbs.

5. Divide your meals into 5 meals a day.


Follow these tips for a few months and you will see the results for yourself. I hope this will help you gain weight help you gain weight in normal conditions (non-medical conditions). If you think you are losing weight due to some other reason (medical), get it checked by a doctor.

All the best.
-Welstar Peter



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