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How To Resolve Disagreement With Parents?

How To Resolve Disagreement With Parents?

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Having difference with parents over lots of issues are very normal phenomenon in teenage. Everyone go through same situation in adolescent period of life but having a troublesome relationship always affects life in other ways. So, If you can work out your differences with your parents, you can have a better life ahead. Here are a few tips –


Be Respectful

While discussing areas of disagreement be respectful with your parents, don’t loose your temper at any stage of arguement.



Be Willing to Listen Them

Be willing to listen to your parent’s view. They are much experienced than you so give them proper  space to talk about.


Stay Calm

Always keep in mind that they are your well wishers. So stay cool and balanced before speaking any bad thing about them.


Do Not Accuse

While heated argument do not get involved in blame-game.


Stick to the Issue

Always stick to the issue of disagreement. Don't get side tracked into other areas.


Use Team  Approach

Use a team approach to working out problems - work at it together, think about what you want in common and work out together how you can get there.


Use a Problem Solving Model like these:


- Decide together exactly what the problem is.

- Brainstorm the possible solutions - be open and creative.

- Think out the consequences of each possible solution.

- Choose one idea and do it.


Did it work? If so, congratulate yourself and each other. If not, go back to step 2 and try another idea.


Try out the above ideas but if it's hard to learn conflict resolution and problem solving just by reading it, see if someone can help you.



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