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How To Prepare For IAS Exams While Pursuing B. Tech (2nd Year)? Is It The Right Time To Start?

How To Prepare For IAS Exams While Pursuing B. Tech (2nd Year)? Is It The Right Time To Start?


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Question –


Sir, I'm an IAS aspirant. I'm yet pursuing my B. tech (2nd year). I have started my preparation too from this year. I want to ask two questions:

1. Is it the right time to start for this exam, means will it not affect my studies more?

2. I'm aware of exam pattern and syllabus but I want you to help me to take my preparation in a right direction. How to prepare for it effectively in B. Tech days? Good sources for General studies? And some other tips regarding this exam and preparation?

Expert Advice –



ICS (Indian civil Services) is often called the Steel Frame of India and IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is a part of it. It is one of the most esteemed services in India and the role of an IAS officer is both multidimensional and challenging. The entrance test to this prestigious post is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) which is headquartered in New Delhi.


It consists of three stages, Preliminary, Mains and Interview. It is one of the toughest UPSC exams and its preparation requires persistence, patience and smart work. The smart approach here means planning ahead; planning for the prelims at least 10 months in advance. It is said that the earlier you start your preparation the smoother the path becomes when you give your first civil service attempt. It is good that you are focused enough and want to start the preparation way ahead. For it to not affect your studies you need to manage your time properly and after you choose your optional for your mains you need to start preparing detailed notes along with your graduation.


Even working people crack the IAS, it all depends on you how you manage your time. It’s not necessary that you study 10 hours or so, you can even allot 2-3 hours daily and scale up gradually according to your convenience.

A few tips to prepare for mains and prelims together:

- Become familiar with the UPSC syllabus; understand the procedure and pattern before filling up the form. The preparation for the exam should be continuous, i.e. not waiting for the previous exam result to start preparations for the next.


- Your entire civil services syllabus covering the pre and mains syllabus should always be in your hand during your preparation.


- Keep in hand the past ten years CS Syllabus covering the pre and mains syllabus and the past ten years solved papers.


- When preparing, you should make short notes and the notes you prepare should be concise, effective and readable in a short time all at once. This should aid you in going through it before the prelims/mains just a few days or even hours.


- Some topics need to be prepared on a daily basis, such as currents affairs, GK, Maps using atlas and Mental ability. Keep reading magazines like Frontline or Civil Services Chronicle or Pratiyogita Darpan, read a good newspaper, watch news channels and talk shows. It will help you in both written examinations and interview.


- Start working on your English & Indian language paper and writing and communication skills.


- The subject you select in the mains should be the one you are interested in, which you have some background in and also which excites you and can be easily grasped by you.


- Study two or at most three subjects a day with predefined time limits so that you cover the most scoring part of the Prelims syllabus within the time you allotted to those subjects.


- Keep solving old question papers.


- Attempt mock tests and enroll in a good test series program and that should give you lot of confidence and will give you a clear picture of your strong and weak areas. Refer site:

- Above all follow some active sport, spend time with friends and family and this will keep you rooted through the hard times.


- Read only that which is required and not each and every book suggested by others.


- Refer link: h t t p : / / t h r i l l e r. h u to get the right books for IAS exams.


- Refer site: for the NCERT text books


- Refer to the link: for free IAS study material loaded with information on subject wise study, tips for success and strategy, awakening visuals, previous year question papers and much more!


- Refer to for IAS exams Interview questions.


Every year more than 900 candidates succeed in cracking this exam and therefore build a strong belief within you that this exam is very much within your capabilities. A good planning, right focus, dedication and consistent hard work with a can do attitude will definitely help you crack your IAS exams.

All the best!!
- Shehre Banu



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