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How To Manage Personal Wealth After Divorce At The Age Of 37?

How To Manage Personal Wealth After Divorce At The Age Of 37?


  1963      28/05/2015

Question –

I just got separated from my family and currently I am around 37 years of age. I don't know how to move ahead in life in terms of managing personal wealth. Hence, kindly let me know some very good personal wealth advisor in India. Thanks
- Rajender


Expert Advice –

Dear Rajender,


Separation and divorce are common phenomenon these days. The decisions taken now days are quite fast and bold. Living together or not is one’s prerogative but the after effects of separation should also be considered before going through this phase. You do go undergo mental turmoil, which can be most of the times handled or overcome, but the financial turmoil can ruin lives! You must have seen how people have ended up paying for separating, ended up splitting properties, spent most wealth on lawyers etc!


Since you have already separated, you need to now define what your future plans are! Are you going to remain single? Are you planning to re-marry? Even if you plan to remain single you will incur various expenses in life including the funds for your retirement. So the decision to consult a good financial planner is appreciated. You have not mentioned which city you are from. You can always Google search and check for available financial planners in your area. If you are not able to locate one, do approach us again, we will surely help you.


- Vivek Karwa



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