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How To Lose Weight Without Joining A Gym, Unable To Manage Time

How To Lose Weight Without Joining A Gym, Unable To Manage Time


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Question –


I am a 20 year old girl who has gained a lot of weight in past few months. I tried every simple trick to reduce it but apparently, it was useless, at least for me. I am a student who also works part-time.


Between my studies and work, I find it really difficult to take out time to join any gym & this body is affecting my self-confidence as well as my health. Is there any foolproof way for me to reduce weight and gain perfect body without joining a gym.
- Rhea


Expert advice –

Hi Rhea,  


Yes, there is a foolproof way to lose weight and it's very simple: you need to identify where the problem lies, why you are gaining weight and then in a methodical manner go about correcting that. Being aware is always the first step in winning the battle against weight gain.


I feel you should begin by making a food diary, where you write for a month every day: what you eat, when you eat and if possible also mention why you had what you had. After a month, reviewing it will tell you exactly what your problem areas are, and then you can begin altering them, and finding solutions that work for you.


For example if you realise that as you are out during lunch hours, you tend to have a lot of garbage there (that is high calorie low nutrient food), or maybe late night munching is your problem area. Many people find out that they don't even realise how much they munch in between meals. A food diary is a very effective tool, because it can be an honest appraisal of your eating habits. Try it, it'll really help you.


To answer your second question: no, gymming is not the only way to expend calories. In fact any exercise that you enjoy and can fit in your kind of work schedule will pay you back more as you are more likely to follow it through. And with exercise, consistency is the key. I suggest you begin with a brisk walk of half an hour five days a week, add on step climbing (3 minutes at a go) on alternate days and on days when nothing else is looking possible, then just close the door of your room, put on some peppy music and just dance with gay abandon for half an hour or so. It's a brilliant workout!


And most of all stay positive. Every problem has a solution and weight gain is not that big a problem at all. It can be easily rectified. Just make it your mission and slowly but surely work towards your optimum weight.


Best of Luck!
- Kavita Devgan



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