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How To Improve My Skin Glow At Home? I'm 17 & Facing Hair Fall!

How To Improve My Skin Glow At Home? I'm 17 & Facing Hair Fall!


  2387      11/03/2016

Question –

Hi! I'm 17 and I have a dark skin tone. How can I improve my complexion using natural sources/products at home? I also have persistent hair fall/ loss, what might be the reason for that? And how can I cure it?

I also want to get my eyebrow threading done, is it safe at this age? I want to know some facial exercises for glow as well as for defined face shape. I know I have asked too many queries but your advice will help me a lot. Thanks!


Expert Advice –

Hi there!

The color of your skin doesn’t matter. What matters is the health of your skin. The best you can do to remove sun tan is to apply a mixture of lemon, honey and a bit of Multani Mitti like a face pack and wash it after it dries. Check out these 12 Homemade Face Packs For Healthier & Fairer Skin. You can do this at home itself. If possible, you can get a de-tanning and skin glow facial done at a good parlor.

Hair loss is usually uncommon at a very young age like yours. There can be many contributing factors like: stress, poor diet, hereditary factors, water and shampoo being excessively or wrongly used, hormonal changes etc. Follow this advice to know what could be your reason: 6 Reasons Why You Are Having Excessive Hair Fall. You can start with simple home remedies for hair fall, check this link for home remedies for hair fall and if there are still no positive results and if you can see bald patches on your scalp, it itches or you can see some dandruff I would suggest you to see a good Dermatologist or Trichologist to check for any skin diseases.

Threading is safe at your age; you can try it once and then decide to continue regularly if you like it. I hope this helps, get back with more queries if you may have.

All the Best & Take Care.
- Rincy Samuel




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