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How To Become A Scientist In Genetic Research After 12th in India?

How To Become A Scientist In Genetic Research After 12th in India?


  8523      06/04/2015

Question –

I am a student of class 12th medical and want to become a scientist interested in genetic research. What are the career options and scopes and list of various courses to become a scientist?
- Sahil

Expert Advice –

Dear Sahil,

The research scientists in the genetic field primarily investigate, identify and manipulate particular genes in plants, animal and human tissues to see how genetic characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next. The results of their research has helped them in finding out cures for many diseases, an increase in agricultural produce, managing and dealing with environmental problems, etc

A career in genetic research requires a PhD. Therefore, you will first have to complete your graduation in genetics or any related field such as biology or chemistry, and then pursue a post graduation in genetics and then a PhD.

You need to have a deep probing mind, ability to work for long hours, an ability to pay attention to minute details, experimental skills, a progressive outlook and of course a deep passion and curiosity about the genetic basis of health and disease. As with all careers, perseverance and patience are needed to succeed in this career too.


Genetic scientists are hired by:

- Research laboratories, to understand gene behavior, gene duplication, physical characteristics and diseases

- Clinics and hospitals to guide and treat patients with hereditary diseases and disorders

- Pharmaceutical industry and suppliers to create new medicines

- Agricultural companies to develop disease resistant crops and livestock’s, Genetic modification of foods and seeds and Biopesticide and neutriceutical development

- Law enforcement agencies to provide forensic analysis,

- Excellent employment prospects are expected due to the bio-revolution.

- Employment in research and development institutions is abundant due to the bio revolution. National science and research organizations are allocating funds for research in this sector.


The remuneration depends on the highest degree that you would be holding and the position that you would take up. However as the gene therapy is the new mantra in the modern world, and is creating lot of curiosity, the financial players are ready to invest money in productive research.


Some of the recruiting companies are:

  • Apollo Hospital
  • DNA Labs India
  • Genetic Testing Labs
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • etc.


There are a wide variety of careers, job opportunities and career growth in this upcoming field, both in India and globally,  so go ahead and plunge all opportunities to grab them by following your passion for this field.


All the best!
- Shehre Banu



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