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How Should I Train Myself For Marathon(42 kms) When Should I Start?

How Should I Train Myself For Marathon(42 kms) When Should I Start?


  1942      29/07/2015

Question –

Hey, I am participating in Marathon (42 Kms) next year January. I want to know how should I train & when should I start?


Expert Advice –

Dear Saajan,

The most important aspect of marathon training is to help you attain your peak fitness levels without injury and sustenance of energy to prepare you for the long and short runs. To prevent injuries and fatigue please structure the training sessions into long, medium and short training periods. It is always better to follow a beginners training schedule and work through to an advanced state (whether you are training for half marathon or whether you are planning to go full length) Listed below are a few tips to help you plan your training:


1. An ideal schedule is 5 days in a week. This gives your body 2 days of rest to recuperate.


2. Your whole body work out must include shoulder press, lat pull down, bench press, pull ups, pushups, squats, leg curls, hurdle stretches and calf raises. 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps are recommended which can gradually progress to 3 setsx20 reps each. Stretch muscles like the glutes, hamstrings, calf, pectorals, lats and the deltoids.


3. In the final week before the marathon, reduce your training sessions by 25 percent for recovery. Your training must peak 3 weeks before the actual run as this will give you time to work out short and semi long bouts. This will help you be at peak performance condition on the day of the event. Warm up with proper stretches to enhance flexibility and agility before each session. Yoga is highly recommended. It helps to develop core strength, concentration, flexibility, coordination etc which are essential aspects of any sports.


4. Attention to proper nutrition is important. Your body requires a substantial amount of complex carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. Low fat milk, sprouts, pulses, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, flax seeds, nuts and dry fruits are recommended. It is advised to cut back on foods like desserts, soft drinks, alcohol, maida products, fried snacks etc.


5. Hydrate yourself well during the training schedule and during the run to prevent muscle cramps and dehydration. May your efforts get maximized and Mickeymized and wish you lots of luck!!!" 

- Mickey Mehta



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