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How Do I Start a Business by Investing 2-3 lacs and Earn 30-50K/Month?

How Do I Start a Business by Investing 2-3 lacs and Earn 30-50K/Month?


  31897      18/12/2014

Question -

I am A BBA Third year Student. I have experience of Two year in Sales & Marketing Field. Now I want to start any service providing Business with investment of 2-3 Lacs. So, Which Business can I start, so that I can earn at least 30000-50000 Rupees per Month?

– Shubham

Expert Advice -

Hi Shubham,

I must congratulate you for having the guts to think of doing a business, after you finish your graduation. Most boys of your age generally look for a good job after the college. Cannot say they are wrong since the opportunities have gone up in last few years and most youngsters are getting good opportunities.

Before starting a business, think of the risks you can take. Firstly, by investing Rs.3 Lacs and expecting an annual return of Rs.6 Lacs (200% every year) seem to be exorbitant and unrealistic under the normal circumstances. Secondly, even if you want such income then you should give yourself at least a period of 3 yrs to settle in the business fully.

There are many opportunities today in the services industry. There is no single answer to your question “what business can I start” since the options are many and you also need to have clarity in mind on your own interests. If you like food industry then you cannot be starting a salon!

Franchisee businesses today require minimum investment and maximum returns, since you take off immediately with a tag of a reputed brand. Visit franchisee businesses exhibitions. You can also look at businesses like Equity market sub-broking, Journalism, Travel services, Photography, web content development etc.

Best Regards

Vivek Karwa



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