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How Do I Lose the Extra Flab That Suits Indian Food and Life Style?

How Do I Lose the Extra Flab That Suits Indian Food and Life Style?


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Question -

I am overweight. I need to lose weight. Can you suggest a good diet as well as exercise routine that will suit the Indian lifestyle? I really need to lose the extra flab. Please help!
- Pradanya

Expert Advice -

Hi! Pradanya, It’s my pleasure consulting you.

Your query is very simple but the answer is not. Everybody knows that eating less and exercise more will make you reduce weight. You can also find all the answers and diet plan from online. But as you have specially chose to ask on I want to make sure that my tips really make some sense to you and you achieve what you want. 


1. Start your day with some sort of cardio session like 45 mins brisk walk, cycling, cross trainer etc. 

2. Then have your breakfast consisting of 60% carbs 25% protein and 15% fat..

3. Lunch - 40% carbs, 40 % protein and 20% fat.

4. Dinner - 20% carbs, 60% protein and 20% fat.

5. Limit your oil use more than one spoon in a day for cooking.

6. Avoid any kind of dressing.

7. Drink 2-3 times of green tea a day.

8. Have two snacks, one in between breakfast and lunch and second in between lunch and dinner.( like tea and biscuits, one any fruit, or dry fruits). Basically have five meals a day.

9. Finish you dinner before or till 8 pm.

10. Limit your salt to one teaspoon a day, (you should find out with your doctor if you can limit your salt intake)

11. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day.

12. Do weight training 3 times a week 45-60mins per session.

13. Count your basic calorie needs per day and divide the food accordingly.

- Welstar Peter




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