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How Can I Score Well In Competitive Exams Like SSC CGL?

How Can I Score Well In Competitive Exams Like SSC CGL?


  3259      28/04/2015

Question –

Hi, this was my third attempt in SSC CGL and I have secured 350 both in tier I & II and I think these are reasonable marks for general category to achieve good post. Also, how to get good marks in competition?  Please help me out.
- Rahul


Expert Advice –

Dear Rahul, 

In any competition no mark is good mark unless and until you secure a call for interview; so don’t worry about the marks. Follow the path of success by enhancing your skill of learning and delivering the same in the exam. In competitive exam answering the queries/questions demands the tricks that you should achieve. According to the number of questions please try to divide the allotted time. Now go on to responding to the questions that follow according to the time schedule.

Your next step is, the exam day is the day where you need to show your prompt approach to your appropriate responding skills. Sharpen your reaction time by enhancing your storage of information related to the subjects of the exams.

Probably you lack somewhere, please find it and begin to resolve it.

All the best
- Dr Rupa Talkudar



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