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How Can I Score 90% in 12th Boards? Suggest Some Books & Study Plan

How Can I Score 90% in 12th Boards? Suggest Some Books & Study Plan


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Question –


I am a student of class 12 and a bit weak in mathematics. I know I can score well if I work on it but as there are only few months left for boards examination and I am confused as to how to approach the chapters so that I can complete it before October. Please suggest me how to actually begin doing maths , from which chapter should I start , which book should I solve for board level exams .


Also suggest me how many hours should I spend daily so as to get 90% and above in maths.
- Keshav



Expert Advice –


Dear Keshav,

If you desire to excel in any subject then start studying the subject with total interest and with a positive attitude. You have to counsel your mind and understand that maths is just like any other subject and start believing that”if I practice this subject thoroughly I can definitely score good marks.”


A few tips on math study skills:


  • A strong grip of this subject and its concepts can be achieved only by practicing. Math is learned only by doing problems. It helps you learn the basic formulas and techniques and also helps you improve your problem solving skills

  • Identify and understand the concepts and don’t try to just memorize them.

  • See that you do not miss any math class as each class is built on its previous one. Be an active participant in class and keep your class work and home work book up to date as the test papers are chiefly formulated based on material and examples covered in the class as well as those in the text book. .

  • Do not hesitate to ask any doubts in class as maybe some other students wanted to know the answer to the same questions you have.

  • A rule of thumb about studying maths is 2 hours daily but then this sometimes may not be enough. Take as much time as required to complete the home work and understand what you practice. The more challenging the exercise the more time you should spend on it.

  • If you feel that math is a difficult subject then psychologically your concentration span will decrease and therefore you need to take small breaks in between when you study maths. Study a subject of your interest in-between and then again continue with maths.

  • Don’t leave your math’s assignment until last as you may be too tired to tackle it later. Do it first even if isn’t your favorite subject.

  • As you practice make a list of formulae and techniques that could come of help later when you study for your tests.

  • Never procrastinate your home work as they are the only way to get practice. Do not ever cram 3 or 4 weeks of learning into a couple of days of study.


  • Work through yourself any sample problem in your text book and use it to guide you when solving other problems.

  • Identify your errors and make sure you do not repeat them again.

  • If you are leaving your math homework until last you may be too tired to tackle it. Do it first, even if it isn't your favorite


  • Devote more time for weak areas and solve questions of varying difficulty and try to grasp the tips and tricks involved efficiently.

When studying for your tests:


Go through each section and review your notes and work out the problems again.


  • Recall the techniques you’ve learned to solve the problems and understand which technique goes with what problems.
  • If it can help you try to explain out loud to your own self as to which strategy is used (ex. Solving a Pythagoras theorem) so that during the test you can mentally return to your capsule instructions.

  • Let your practice sessions be a test-like situation; work out as many problems as possible and work out old test papers. It’s very important you keep working out problems the whole time you're studying.

  • Most important start studying early, several weeks or months before the test and allot a time for it in your daily schedule.

  • Get ample sleep before your math test as math tests turn out easier when you are mentally sharp!




One amongst the best Maths books is, Books of R D Sharma, which have been a saving grace for most children.

The book has solutions to almost all text book problems, which are very well explained and over it also has exercises to be solved, which can be done without any additional help. It helps the child in a step by step preparation for his exams.

We also have RS Aggarwal’s Mathematics books which have maintained high standards and have not only helped the students but even the teachers for getting concepts crystal cleared. They have been written in such a way that not only they are useful for the higher Class students, but even many college students practice this book for preparing for competition exams. These books of course are advanced but then you have a choice of working out problems related to the text books problems.


If you are looking out for guides then you can go for MBD series and the S Chand series. My advice would be to go to a proper shop and practically see them and then choose the right one.

If interested in online practice then LearnNext is a computer based interactive learning solution for students from Classes VI to XII for both Maths and Science for acquiring better grades and clearing concepts, refer link: / u s e r / w h a t i s L e a r n -NextNew.htm


It covers lessons of CBSE, ICSE and 18 other State Boards of India in an interesting animated format. You can also register on: and get all CBSE question papers in your inbox.


But finally for the efforts to translate into success always remember that one should put in smart work and not hard work, which is to study in a proper manner with a positive attitude, a belief in oneself and with total concentration and understanding of what one is studying. I repeat that lot of practice is needed, solve one paper each day and mark yourself as per the CBSE marking scheme.


All the best!
- Shehre Banu



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