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How Can I Pursue Forensic Science After Graduation in Chemistry(Hons)?

How Can I Pursue Forensic Science After Graduation in Chemistry(Hons)?


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Question –

Hello, which course should I prefer after 12th done from bio stream to make future in forensic science? Can I pursue forensic science after doing graduation in chemistry (hons.)? Please let me know details about forensic studies and its future.



Expert Advice –


Forensic Science is the application of scientific principles and technology for the investigations of crime and also for civil cases wherein it is used for issues like proving the validity of a signature or a will, investigation of industries for complying with environmental rules and to a claim of the products liability.


It is a crime laboratory based profession and requires a strong science background. Basic eligibility is a graduate degree in science subjects especially with chemistry. Opt for chemistry in your 12th or otherwise in other natural sciences such as biology, physics, zoology, biochemistry, B Pharm, BDS, or molecular biology. A Science degree with a major in analytical, applied or forensic chemistry will fetch you a job as a forensic chemist which deals with the study of detection and identification of illicit drugs, accelerants used in arson cases, explosive and gunshot residues, trace evidence, including paint, glass, polymers and fibres.


With a major in chemistry or biochemistry you can opt for toxicology which involves the detection and identification of illicit and pharmaceutical drugs and poisons, interpreting toxicity levels and the effects on the functions of the body.


If you want to secure a Degree in Analytical Chemistry, or a Degree in Forensic Investigation or a Diploma in Forensic Investigation then you can opt for a career in crime scene investigation. This majorly involves issues such as security, locating, collecting and interpretation of relevant evidence, prevention of contamination and reconstruction of the event. The range could be a simple house break or a fire in a multi storey or even bombing in the city.


After you graduate you can either do a post graduate, diploma or a certificate course in this stream. With a Bsc in any stream you can pursue a MSc in Forensic Science. You can pursue a Masters of Forensic Science and Criminology Research, Masters in Forensic Science and Criminology or Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminology. The short term courses that can be availed are, Certificate Course in forensic Science, Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminology or Diploma in Cyber Crime.


Now in its second decade, the University of Florida’s award winning Forensic Science Master’s program is the world’s largest and most prestigious forensic science program(online), refer:


As with any course, those who acquire the highest levels of training from the most reputable organizations end up grabbing the top posts and the highest paying jobs within the industry, not only in India but all over the world. The career prospect depends on your area of specialization, like Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Pathology/Medicine, Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry, Clinical Forensic Medicine, Cyber Forensics, Forensic archeology/anthropology, Mass disaster management, Anti terrorist operations, Consumer and Intellectual property rights, protection of Human rights, etc Graduates get to work both in government as well as private agencies and even in hospitals and laboratories. Entering the CBI Delhi would require getting through the UPSC exams. The other top colleges that offer masters in FS have their own entrance exams. Try getting an internship while you graduate as this would help you secure a job later as most of the organizations prefer candidates having practical exposure in Forensic Science.


The role of forensic science is increasingly becoming important in criminal investigation and opportunities exist in Government organizations such as the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the CBI, the CID, the (CPO), the crime cells of state police forces as well as in large private detective agencies. As there is a lack of fully trained experts in this field the demand for forensic scientific experts is constantly on the rise. According to CNN Money, the field of forensic science is the sixth fastest growing career path in the world.


All the best!
- Shehre Banu



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