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How Can I Get or Search Jobs as a Fresher For JAVA Programming?

How Can I Get or Search Jobs as a Fresher For JAVA Programming?


  3484      16/03/2016

Question –

Hi, I have completed my engineering from RKGIT, Ghaziabad in 2015. Now I am looking for a job in IT sector as a java programmer/developer. I tried so much but couldn't find any job till now. Now I am very depressed and frustrated due to all of this but as I am a self-motivated and very optimistic person, I don't give up and try hard for getting my first job.

But I need your guidance & advice about what should I do or what not to do. I have also mailed my resume to so many HRs but didn't get any reply from them. Please guide me.


Expert Advice –

Hi, I understand your situation. It is very hard to keep your spirits up and feel upbeat when you are struggling to find a job. But I promise you, things only get better after they have hit rock bottom. Now to the specific question: You have two options. One is risky but rewarding and the other is not so risky but average in its return. You have to make a decision about the direction you want to go.

Let's first analyze the risky but rewarding option. You said you have completed your B.Tech and want a Java developer job. You need to do a self-assessment about your skills. I suggest you to try to solve some algorithm/data structure problems on your own. There are several sites which hosts such problems. I am listing a few of them here (all are free)

1) - excellent collection of interview related questions. Start with easy.

2) - very good collection or computer science problems in general. Start with easy

3) ProjectEuler - interesting collection of math and programming questions

4) - An India based programming contest site.


You can get interview calls by solving problems on CodeChef, Codeeval and hackerrank. Focus on Codechef.

If you persist on such problems then the results will be surprisingly good. The hard part is persisting and keep solving the problem. I have solved quite a few problems on LeetCode, HackerRank and ProjectEuler. They are not easy but it is a lot of fun. If you think you can solve the problems easily then keep solving until you get a call (it shouldn't take long). If you can solve them easily then you have to reach to a level where the easy level problems feel really easy to you. Once you get proficient in solving medium level problems, you can crack the interview of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Flipkart (Facebook development is still not present in India).

The second option is to adopt a safe route which may not be that rewarding immediately. You need to pick one IT field and start getting some certifications. Here are a few of the options:

1) Linux System Administrator

2) Windows System Administrator

3) Citrix certification

4) Network system admin

5) Storage Administrator

6) Database Administrator

It is important that you pick one (and only one) area and start accumulating knowledge and certifications in that area. Flaunt it in your resume and you'll surely get some interview calls. This will take time and money. Try to go through referrals via your acquaintances. In fact, if I were in your situation, I'll set aside some time every week to apply for jobs. Keep applying and you'll get some response.

In addition to working on your technical proficiency, you need to improve your communication skills. You have to first improve your oratory skills. I suggest to find a Toastmaster club in your area and join it (It is free for most practical purposes). I'll recommend you to stay away from MBA. That is a money and time drain for most of the people. If you persist on any of the aforementioned routes, you will get a job sooner or later and I am sure it'll take less time than doing an MBA. Hope it helps.

- Shobhit



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