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How Can I Control High Blood Pressure With Home Remedies?

How Can I Control High Blood Pressure With Home Remedies?


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Question –

Dear Doctor, I am a 40+ years old male. I have a high blood pressure. Recently I felt weak during work and went to a doctor who told me that my BP was high. He prescribed me some medicines which I am taking now. But I would like to know what I can do to improve my condition on a long run using home remedies. Please tell me how I can change my lifestyle and my food intake which will help. Also if any particular home remedy that might be helpful for decreasing the blood pressure level, please advice me for my health.


Expert Advice –


Below I am suggesting you a few tips to control high BP, I am sure thse tips will help you along with propoer medication suggested by your doctor. 


Diet to Be Followed by Patients with High Blood Pressure:

Diet followed by hypertension patients should be in such a way that it reduces body weight and excess fat, thereby reducing the blood pressure. Therefore the following diet is recommended:

- Go for potassium-rich foods.

- The quantity of salt used should be minimized.

- Non vegetarian food like red meat and eggs should be completely avoided.

- Though Egg whites can be consumed.

- Herbal teas can be of help to patients with high BP. In a study conducted, those who sipped on hibiscus tea daily lowered their
blood pressure.

- Keep a check on your drinking patterns and if you're a heavy drinker, start reducing slowly. Never indulge in binge drinking. Consuming four or five drinks in a row can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.

- Reduce the quantity of oil used and completely avoid the use of hydrogenated oils.


Exercise and Stress Management For Patients With High BP:

- Regular exercise is the best way to keep hypertension at bay. Practicing yoga and meditation is very effective. Regular yoga practice and meditation will help in leading a stress free life.

- Sound sleep and proper rest is very essential. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and proper rest.

- Mindful breathing also helps. Start breathing exercise whenever you are tensed, nervousness or anxious.

- Working overtime makes it hard to exercise and eat healthy. Ensure that you get out of office at a decent hour.

- Learn to relax by listening to soothing music.

- Avoid anger, tension, anxiety and loud speaking as all these increases blood pressure.


EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE, MANAGE STRESS AND SAY GOODBYE TO HYPERTENSION. START HOMEOPATHY at an early stage along with conventional medicines to manage your hypertension better.

Take Care.
- Dr Bhavi Mody



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