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How Can I Concentrate on Studies After Breakup? Unable to Focus on Anything

How Can I Concentrate on Studies After Breakup? Unable to Focus on Anything


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Question –

Hi, I’m an drop out student and for the last one year I was preparing for various government (competitive) exams but I was unable to crack any one of them. Nowadays I am unable to focus or concentrate on my studies. I not at all open my books for studying. My mind is somewhere else while studying as my boyfriend broke up with me. I always think about him and can’t able to focus on anything. I am very disturbed and epressed post my break up. Please guide me, how could I get off from this situation.


Expert Advice –


Your problem actually requires counselling as it will take you time to be able to focus again. However, in the meantime I can give you the following tips to improve your attention and concentration.

1. Set aside a space exclusively for studying. When you are in this space, you should not have any other distractions and you should only be studying. If you find your attention is wavering, then leave the space and come back when you can focus.

2. Set a time table for study and follow it. Don't set over-ambitious goals that you cannot follow.

3. Find out how long you can pay attention (it may be only 15 minutes, which is perfectly fine) and focus properly for that time. Once the duration is over, take a short break. Get up, walk around, listen to music etc. Follow a schedule of focused study broken up by good short breaks.

4. Over a longer span of time (say a month or two) try to increase your span of attention. The ideal span of attention is 30-40 minutes, after which you can take 10-15 minutes break.

 I recommend that you seek counselling for your break-up, as it will help you a lot. You can set up an appointment with me or anyone in your city, but I highly recommend few sessions for that. I wish you all the best, and remember that everything happens for a reason - a better relationship will be just around the corner! Good luck! :)

- Binit Kaur


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