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How Can I Bring Glow On My Face? It Always Looks Tired

How Can I Bring Glow On My Face? It Always Looks Tired



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Question –

I am a 31 years old woman. I have a 2years old child. My face always looks very tired. I have tried a lot but could not bring glow to my face. I have a short height with small face. I don’t think I have a good personality. What Should I do? I don’t have much time to go parlor.
- Sangeeta


Expert Advice –

Dear Sangeeta,

From your query, it is not clear as to why you feel tired the whole day. Is it over exertion or hectic routine? I hope you are taking optimum diet as you are also taking care of a small child and your body needs more energy and attention, hence a good diet is the first step.

For good skin it is said, "What goes in shows out". Going to the parlor is not a must, with good skin care regime like cleansing, toning and moisturizing in the morning and before sleeping can help your skin. Your kitchen is a great resource too, e.g. using tomato pulp as a face pack or soak fuller earth in water and make a paste and apply. You can try these tips as well:

12 Homemade Face Packs For Healthier & Fairer Skin

Having said that I would like to reinstate on the fact that beauty products available in the market are not a substitute of good diet. If you take proper diet, your skin will glow automatically. 

For a good personality, first you need to have faith and confidence in yourself. Appreciate your strengths, use positive statements and compliment yourself for the work you do to motivate yourself. We all are unique as individuals and I am sure you have a good personality; however following a few tips can act as a value add.

1) Wear monochromatic (single) coloured dresses as it gives you the visual illusion of elongated height. Refer to this: 12 Fashion Tricks To Look Taller!

2) Wear clothing styles that compliment your body.

3) Have a correct posture. You can refer to this for a correct posture.

4) Wearing heels also adds to your height

5) Redo your hairstyle that suits the shape of your face.

6) Work on your strengths as it will boost your confidence.

Stay positive and happy :)

- Nancy Katyal



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