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Here is Why Moto G Second Gen is the Best Buy For 13-15 K Budget!

Here is Why Moto G Second Gen is the Best Buy For 13-15 K Budget!


  3015      03/11/2014

Question -

Hi Abhishek,

I am looking to buy a smart phone in the range between 13k-15k. But am confused and not able to understand which one to buy. So here I need your advice that which is the best smartphone to buy. Here are my requirements:

- Quality Camera

- Good processor

- After sale service

- Good display

- Document viewer

- Gaming sensors

- With latest operating system and latest features

And yes, if the need arises then I will manage the range to 1k-2k more

- Dhimanshu

Expert Advice -

Hi Dhimanshu,

MOTO G second generation 2014 edition is the best buy in your specified price range of 13k- 15k. It’s a Flipkart exclusive phone so you have to buy directly from there. The best thing about Moto G is the regular Google Updates and this time the phone also has the expandable storage option which was missing in its previous Avatar. 

As one would expect, the successor to the original Moto G is better than its predecessor on five fronts - larger screen, improved cameras, additional storage, dual speakers and cheaper price. Given its price, performance and other smartphones available from rivals at this price point, the Moto G 2nd generation makes to my recommendation list.

The new Moto G has a screen larger by 0.5 inches and now it is complete 5 inches, and houses dual speakers at the front (the old Moto G had a single speaker at the rear). The phone has improved cameras - both in terms of the megapixel count and quality, and also additional storage - something Motorola was criticised for not including in the previous edition. Unlike the old model, the new Moto G offers expandable storage. It comes with a microSD card slot, that Motorola says supports cards up to 32GB. The best part is that these enhancements do not come at an extra cost. Motorola, in fact, has priced the new Moto G Rs 1000 cheaper than the old one. The new Moto G (that comes only in 16GB) costs Rs 12,999 - Rs 1000 cheaper than the first-gen (16GB) model.

At the heart of the new Moto G is the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU paired with 1GB of RAM same as the old Moto G. From browsing the Internet to watching videos to reading e-books, it is all very smooth. The company has also added the Intelligent Voice calling feature - which was first introduced with the Moto E - in the new Moto G. It learns your usage pattern to determine the best SIM for an outgoing call, based on your past calling behaviour. So, you can definitely go for this smartphone.

-Abhishek Telang



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