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Help! Parents Forcing For Government Job, While I Want Do MBA

Help! Parents Forcing For Government Job, While I Want Do MBA


  2560      25/04/2015

Question –

I am a science student.12th with bio then B Sc. My parents want me to do a government job. I am preparing for competitions but I am not really good in maths. For me it’s not my cup of tea. But I’m really under pressure of this government sector job. I want to pursue MBA and then job. I did some events as volunteer & had a lot of experience in market, real estate etc. I am totally confused, should I still continue with my preparations?
- Kriti


Expert Advice –

Dear Kriti,

Most us have gone through the same situation as you are into. Parents try to decide our career and so many other things in our life. At this point of time what you need is-communication with them. Speak out your heart, what you want to be, where you want to see yourself in the long run and what interests you.

I am sure; they will understand it and will also support you to build a better career. Every child's parents want to see their child happy and flourishing. 

All the best

- Raj Tomar



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