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Help! I Work For 7 PM to 4 AM, Will That Affect My Health?

Help! I Work For 7 PM to 4 AM, Will That Affect My Health?


  1946      18/12/2014

Question -

My name is Kiran and I'm 22 years old and my question is that I'm working for a company from 7:00 PM to morning 4:00 AM. Will that affect my health? If it will then what should I do to take care of my health? Please let me know.


Expert Advice - 

Hi Kiran,
Of course night shifts are bad for any body's health and fitness, due to the reason that you are going against the nature. But this is a common lifestyle these days in corporates industry due to competition in the market and office. Overtime is the only solution to be seen as a hard worker.

Even the night shift doctors have to survive with the same lifestyle unwillingly. But though it’s unhealthy to work in such condition, you can still do few things to be able prevent its bad effects.

1. Don't work out more than thrice a week.

2. Always try to work out before you work.

3. Keep doing stretching exercises and a short walk every 3 hours during office time.

4. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. 

5. Go for 5-10kms jog/brisk walk once a week or play some outdoor sports.

6. Get a full body physiotherapy massage once a month or in 2 months.

7. Eat 5-6 small meals in which 3 meals will be balanced meal and two snacks like coffee/tea/milk with some dry fruits or fruits or cookies.

8. Don't be caffeine dependent.

9. Craving for high calorie food like sweets is high at night, starting from the evening. That's why you should always choose the healthy options like fresh fruit juice instead of energy drinks and ice cream shakes etc.have raisins or dates instead of chocolate/laddoo/jalebi etc.

Hope it helped you.

-Welstar Peter



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