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Help! I Was Rejected In My IBPS Interview, Given Up on Myself

Help! I Was Rejected In My IBPS Interview, Given Up on Myself


  2213      07/05/2015

Question –


I am doing preparation for banking sector. This year I cleared IBPS exam but was rejected by 2.6 marks in the interview. After that I am totally lost. I don't know what I have to do now to release this tension from my mind. Now I don't want to do study. I’m tired from all this. Please tell me how can I make myself better?

- Malti 



Expert Advice –

Dear Malti,


You are young I presume. And if you are it’s so distressing to hear your woes, coming from a person who it seems has lost all hopes from life. If you were in front of me I would have berated you know end. I mean how can you talk like this? You do not have an idea about how many powerful resources you have within you my friend which can make you amazingly successful.


For example, the power of your brain and body:

  • Allows your heart to beat 100,000 times a day without conscious thought…
  • Pumps blood through blood vessels that would be over 60,000 miles long if put together end to end…
  • Allows your eyes to make over 10 million color distinctions
  • Give your muscles 25 tons of pulling power if they were all pulling in one direction
  • Is run by a three pound lump of matter called the brain


Did you get the message? With so much power it is ridiculous to talk like a complete loser. Get up and be counted. And get on with it. There are thousands of people who it seemed had lost everything in life and still they counted their blessings, were happy that they still were alive and went about creating a great life for themselves.


Here is the list of failures Abraham Lincoln once the president of United Atates of America had to face in his career:

  • 1831 - lost his job
  • 1832 - defeated in run for Illinois state legislature
  • 1833 - failed in business
  • 1835 - sweetheart died
  • 1836 - had nervous breakdown
  • 1838 - defeated in run for Illinois house speaker
  • 1843 - defeated in run for nomination for US congress
  • 1848 - lost re-nomination
  • 1849 - rejected for land officer position
  • 1854 - defeated in run for US senate
  • 1856 - defeated in run for nomination for vice president of United States of America
  • 1858 - again defeated in run for US senate
  • 1860 - elected president of united states of America

Can you see how this man never gave up? No matter what he kept on coming and eventually he succeeded to become the most powerful man of the world.

The same can happen with you too if you decide to keep on coming at it no matter what. Decide that you have to succeed. Whatever it takes. This world is for winners and not whiners. I see you unfortunately being a whiner. Always remember nobody gets everything on a silver platter.

The great American boxer Rocky Marciano once said,” it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, what matters the most is how many times you get up and fight one another bout”.


So get up and get on with it. Look at your weaknesses and get on with strengthening them. Look at your strengths and make them stronger still. If you want to be a banker, restart your preparation in right earnest once again. Make it a must for you to succeed whatever it takes.  Visualize attaining your goals throughout the day. More importantly ask yourself this question, why you want to be a banker and what your compelling reasons to become one are.


Ask  yourself, what will it give you to become a banker, how I am going to do it, what my action plan is, what are small, small things that I can achieve daily which will give me my eventual goal of being a banker. And then do everything possible fearlessly. Feel confident and excited all the time. Believe in yourself and the resources you have within yourself for the kind of success you are looking for. Keep on taking massive action and you will succeed. 


While you are doing all this, make extensive use of success stimulants like positive phrases and quotations, read lot of inspirational stories, post inspirational passages in your living room and wherever you can and keep on getting inspired and motivated by them on a daily basis. Keep this in your mind, that ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’.


I am sure very soon, success will be at your feet.

All the best mate!


More power to you!
- Jamal shah



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