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Fitness Tips for Vegetarians Who Don't Have time for Workout

Fitness Tips for Vegetarians Who Don't Have time for Workout


  2434      11/08/2014

Question - 

How to lose weight with vegetarian indian food diet with no time to exercise?
– Parul
Expert Advice:
Hi Parul

For the purpose of weight loss vegetarian diet works wonder as it does not contain animal fat. Indulge your self more in salads, sprouts and wholesome fruits than packed juices and processed food  in your diet.
Avoid eating deep fried stuffs like Bhajia, puri, gol gappe and processed food more often. Opt a healthy diet plan and never starve your self as it tends to slow down the metabolism which is the main cause of weight gain but refrain from over eating too. Take food in small portions and within four hours of regular  interval maximum.  Incorporate milk, Green veggies, nuts, curd, Wholesome pulses and multi grain food in your diet plan .  
With Love and regards
- Mickey Mehta 



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