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Fitness Expert Explains ‘Why People Opt for Steroids and Supplements'

Fitness Expert Explains ‘Why People Opt for Steroids and Supplements'


  2561      05/11/2014

Why does almost everyone get diverted towards supplement addiction and steroids even though they know of the harm it causes?

As a personal trainer and having dealt with many athletes and fitness freaks, I am very much against steroids and useless supplements. I teach and practice natural, steroid free bodybuilding, and encourage everyone to do the same, but even then, some of them get attracted to steroids and my advice goes unheeded.

Over the years of observation and through experience, I have found the following reasons why people opt for steroids/harmful and non-sense supplements (supplement addiction).


1. More is better

“MORE” factor is the most common mistake a fitness enthusiast almost always practices or believes. They believe that more exercise (sets, frequency, duration, weights) and more proteins = more results. But when all these methods fail, they get disappointed and take a step towards unhealthy supplements. Very soon they get addicted to supplements which in turn attract them to try steroid at least once.  Soon they reach a point of no return and start abusing both steroids and supplements.



2. Impatience

Another common reason for this diversion is impatience. The fitness enthusiast or anyone who is into bodybuilding or fitness gets impatient after few months of training. They want to have a body that looks like those of a professional, but don’t want to work hard for a long time for it. They don’t even realize the many years the professionals have given for training, what their genetic makeup is all about, what diet they follow, or whether they are naturally endowed or not. They quickly jump into so called hardcore training and a tough diet regime, eager to see the results. But there are no shortcuts to fitness. Their motivation level drastically falls down as they see the results and then the search and research begins on the internet, friends and trainers. Ultimately they choose to take steroids, because it promises sure shot results. They don’t care about anything else but results.



3. Social Competition

Everyone wants to look the best they can. And they choose different ways to do that. Some do hard work, some follow discipline, some look out to grab knowledge from wherever they get, whereas some wait patiently. But the correct methodology is not easy to come by. Hard work is not everyone’s cup of tea and so they opt for easier and shortcut methods which inadvertently leads them to steroids and harmful supplements. When they try it, it seems very effective, much beyond their expectations. So they keep using these steroids and harmful supplements. But as soon as they stop, their result starts to decline at the same pace. Gradually they decide to take more dose than before and in the process become addicted and careless towards steroids.

4. Incomplete knowledge

A very common query I face is that what would happen if they take low doses for short duration and then leave it with a good post cycle program. The problem with this arrangement is that, as you stop taking steroids, it would make you worse than what you were in the beginning. There is a general decline in motivation and focus that makes one exercise harder. The muscle hardness goes away within few days.  Low doses of steroids then recommended are less effective but equally harmful as high doses. Furthermore, after completing the cycle, your body will not give you results with the same dose, and you will have to increase doses to get results. This is how you start abusing without even realizing. The pre-cycle and post cycle can just delay the risk for some time and for some one, but not every time and certainly not for everyone.

“Addiction begins by one trail”


5. Following their role model/ideal but without the right and full information about them

One of the most common and motivational factor for almost every one of us to start exercising or dieting is our role model/ideal. Everyone has their own role model/ideal. Generally they are celebrities, fitness models, sports models etc. People get highly motivated and inspired and wish to look the same. They go to the extent of believing whatever they advise to be true and reliable and start following without carefully researching or corroborating their claims. And when nothing happens, they tend to deviate into taking something which may give those faster results, but will be obviously dangerous for health. Getting inspired by someone is not at all wrong as it is a primary and a necessary step for motivation. But following the ideal without any correct and comprehensive information about their actual plan can divert you to the wrong way.


- Welstar Peter



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