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Fighting A Divorce Case, Can My Intimate Pictures Be Used Against Me?

Fighting A Divorce Case, Can My Intimate Pictures Be Used Against Me?


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Question –

Hi it’s been two years that we got married. I and my husband did not have proper emotional or physical contact with each other. But we used to go out every weekend and he used to take a lot of pictures of me and we even clicked pictures together with the help of a tripod. But he hardly spoke to me even then. When I tried to speak also he hardly answered. We had so many fights. Now my in-laws have sent a notice to me that I was harassing them and his son.

I want to inform the court or send a notice back to them saying we never had any emotional or physical contact properly. But can they use those pictures and say that I am wrong? Can photos be used to tell that people are emotionally connected with each other? Please help me.
- K. Rxxxx


Expert advice –

Dear K. Rxxxx,

Please don't think that the photos are clinching evidence of a loving relationship. If the marriage was never consummated then that is a ground under the Hindu marriage act to have the marriage declared void. Even if there was consummation of marriage but there has been withholding of sex thereafter, you have the right to file for divorce on the grounds of cruelty.

But the short answer to your query is that the photographs may be used by your husband and his family, but they will not be decisive. You can lead your own evidence to say that the relationship was troubled from the start. I would suggest that you file for divorce after consulting a lawyer and duly presenting all the evidence that you have in your possession.

- Nikhil Mehra



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