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Feeling Pressurised To Have A Girlfriend, What To Do?

Feeling Pressurised To Have A Girlfriend, What To Do?

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Question –

Hello sir, I am a 21 year old boy and a student. I have never been in a relationship and to be honest I have never tried to be in a relationship. The reason being that I desperately want to be financially stable because I came from a poor family and I have seen financial crisis in our home many times. But nowadays I am becoming concerned about what my friends think about me because I never had any girlfriend. I feel pressurized to have a girlfriend. Please help me how do I cope with my problem.


Expert Advice –

Dear Sumit,

If you are clear and sure about your goal you should not be distracted by what your friends think, say or do. The only factor you need to be careful about is that your goal should be time bound and pursue it without making yourself stressed or distressed. Relationship should not be created just for the sake of it or for creating a social image. It should be there for a bonding that motivates you towards your goal.

For example, the intention to make your family have comforts drives you to build a career which can satisfy this need. If you feel that having a girlfriend can be a source of motivation, try to get one but not at the coast of distraction from your goals. Otherwise focus more on your goals, achieve it at the earliest so that you can spend enough time on getting whatever you need with ease and comfort.

- Manoj Raghavan



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