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Fallen In Love With My Elder Sister's Best Friend But Now She Avoids Me, Feeling Disturbed

Fallen In Love With My Elder Sister's Best Friend But Now She Avoids Me, Feeling Disturbed

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Question - 

Hi, my name is Ajay. I live in delhi. I am 16 years old. I am in love with my elder sister’s best friend who is 4 year elder than me. She is not aware of my feelings. She used to be very nice to me but since last 2 months she is not treating me well as she used to earlier.

Recently I got to know that she is in affair with someone of her age. I have noticed lots of changes in her behavior with me. I am very disturbed due to this. My studies are completely disturbed. I have to face board exams this year and I am unable to concentrate on my studies. Please help me.
- Ajay

 Expert Advice

Ajay, It is not love that you are feeling but infatuation. It is normal for a boy who is younger to have feelings for his elder sister’s best friend. Adolescence is a very confusing age and those mixed kind of feelings are bound to happen in this vulnerable stage of your life.

In fact she is not even aware of your feelings. Now, she is actually in a relationship and it seems she is happy  in that relationship. She might be involved with her affair so she might not getting time to meet or talk to you and you are taking it as change in her behavior. Actually you are hurt because she is busy with her boyfriend and not giving attention to you which she used to earlie.

I suggest you, forget her and move on. Better you concentrate on other things. You will get plenty of time for love and affairs later on in your life. Focus on your studies now as it is crucial time for you. Best of luck.

Dr Mini Rao



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